Stuck In Cedar City For Spring Break? There Is Still Plenty To Do!

As many venture out to hometowns and fun vacation spots for spring break, the unfortunate are left in Cedar City asking: what am I to do for a whole week? Well, fear not fellow Southern Utah University students, for there multiple things to do this spring break that not only pass the time, but help one realise that Cedar City is the ideal city for fun.

Thanks to SUU’s Calendar of Events, there is plenty to see and do right here on campus! Besides showing your support at local sports games, students can also support those struggling in 3rd world countries. On March 14 in the Education Building individuals can help make reusable feminine hygiene kits to help those in need. You not only are getting out of the house, but you are making a difference. However, if you’d rather relieve college stress, the Archery club is holding target practice in the Multi-Purpose Center Gym. This event is open to all who wish to shoot bows and targets and balloons.

For those who still wish to get some education in during the break, the Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) located here on campus features outstanding artwork done by local artists. If art isn’t your thing, no worries—Cedar is also home to the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum in town that demonstrates the history and settlement of Cedar City.

Feel like doing something away from campus and free from education? Luckily, Cedar City also knows how to party! Cedar Bowling Center  has bowling, fantastic burgers, and hours of fun. If you aren’t a bowling pro don’t worry- Cedar also has great movie theaters like the Megaplex and fiddlers 6. The unique thing about Fiddlers 6 is it not only shows movies- but is a fun center complete with virtual gaming, arcade, and laser tag.

Think there is nothing to do in Cedar City for spring break? Spend time at a local museum or Fiddlers 6 and think again!

Story by
Cassidy Jasperson for SUU News

Photo courtesy
Todd Diemer for SUU News