Editorial: Exes and Gifts

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, it is once again deemed appropriate by society to talk about exes.

When it comes to exes, some people are the type to purge and push forward with their lives. They try to move on immediately and get rid of everything that reminds them of the relationship. Others are the kind of people who like to hold on the mementos from their past, even if it is from a past relationship.

However, with those momentos, there aremost likelygifts from the relationship. Which brings us to the question of whether or not you should keep gifts from an ex once the relationship has ended.

Some websites such as GLAMOUR lay out a list of what gifts from an ex you should keep such as jewelry, clothing and things for the house. They also say that some of the gifts from an ex that should definitely be thrown out are cards and any homemade gifts.

Members of the University Journal’s editorial board said that it came down to how the relationship ended. If a couple breaks up and the two were amicable about the separation, there isn’t really a reason to throw things out. However, if the relationship ended on bad terms, it is probably in the best interest not to hang on to things from it.

A person does not necessarily keep a gift to honor the giver. If the gift serves a functional, or even just an aesthetic purpose, it would seem that it is up to the receiver of that gift and what it means to them. If you give another person something, you have effectively relinquished your ownership and it now belongs to them.

But what about if the relationship ends after a couple gets engaged? What does one do with the ring?

Among the members of the University Journal’s editorial board there was a difference of opinion about what to do with an engagement ring given by someone who is now their ex-fiance.

The majority agreed that the person who was given the ring should return it since the engagement was called off. Others believed that if it was the giver who ended the relationship, then the ring could be kept, but if the person who received the ring ended it then they should give it back. The last of the group said the receiver should just keep the ring since it was technically a gift albeit an expensive one.

When it comes to exes and the gifts they’ve given, it really does just come down to the individual and their beliefs on the subject. They get to decide whether that means something more to them than just a gift.


Story By
Carlee Jo Blumenthal

Cartoon By
Sam Sherrill