Second Studio’s “Assistance” Production Begins This Week.

Second Studio’s first theatrical production of the semester begins Wednesday, Feb. 14. The company will be performing “Assistance,” written by Leslye Headland in 2008.

The dry comedy tells the story of several assistants’ experiences working for world-renowned businessman, Daniel Weisinger. Due to Weisinger’s demanding and abusive personality, workers learn that promotions and salary can come at a heavy cost.

“The humor of the play is very similar to that of [NBC’s] ‘The Office’,” Bella Giordano, the actress portraying Jenny the assistant, said. “Its tone is relatable to college students.”

“Assistance” is the third in Headland’s “seven deadly sins” series including “Cinephillia” (lust), “Bachelorette” (gluttony), “Surfer Girl” (sloth), “Reverb” (wrath) and “The Accidental Blonde” (envy). The seventh play representing sloth has yet to be announced.

Though the play has a humorous script, the themes of office abuse are anything but. Many theater reviewers and journalists believe Weisinger’s character is strongly based on Harvey Weinstein, for whom Headland worked as an assistant for years.

Second Studio is a student-run theatre organization on SUU’s campus. The company independently produces several shows each semester. With only six to 10 cast members, the plays performed showcase each actor’s versatility and talent.

“Assistance” will be performed Wednesday, Feb. 14 through Saturday, Feb. 17 in the Black Box theatre at 7:30 p.m. tickets are $5 and can be purchased online prior to the show.

Story By
Ansleigh Mikeslell

Photo Courtesy Of
Elliot Sloman on Unsplash