Music Rings Out Through SUMA With Annual Adjunct Faculty Concert

On Tuesday Feb. 6, 2018, adjunct faculty from the SUU Department of Music filled the halls of SUMA.

The theme for this year’s concert was Abendmusik. Abendmusik is German for “evening concert,” one that is usually performed at a church.

The concert featured a variety of adjunct faculty members and musical instruments.

The concert showcased the talents of:

  • Shannon Birch — a Coloratura Soprano
  • Tracey Bradshaw — Pianist
  • Adrienne Read — Flutist
  • Dr. Roland Stearns — Guitarist
  • Michelle Lambert — Trombonist
  • Larissa Brown-Sah — Violist
  • Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel — Pianist
  • Nina Hansen — Cellist

The most unique instrument featured during the concert was the lute played by Dr. Roland Stearns performing “Sonate F-Dur (F Major) Op. I/II, HWV 369” with Adrienne Read on the flute. This instrument looks similar to a guitar, but is pear-shaped and the peghead is curved backward. It is an instrument that was used a lot during the Renaissance and Baroque time periods.

The pieces performed included a variety of compositions from well known composers such as George Frideric Handel and Hugo Wolf.

The last piece performed, “Beneath the Canopy for Flute and Percussion” by Phillip Parker, was a duet performed by Read playing the flute and Carylee Zwang on percussion, an unusual duet combination. Read described the piece as a “fiery jungle dance.”

Read has been an adjunct professor of music studies at SUU for the past three years and enjoyed contributing in the concert.

“This concert is an opportunity for us to collaborate, coordinate and have fun,” she said. “Now, in days you can find anything recorded on YouTube or online. But there is a magic with live performance, both as an audience member and as a performer. You get to connect in a way that is difficult to describe otherwise.”

The College of Performing Arts puts on a variety of concerts each semester. Visit their website for more information.

Story By
Cassidy Harmon

Photo Credit Christopher Daimond