Raptor Inventory Nest Survey Workshop

The Raptor Inventory Nest Survey (RINS) is holding a volunteer workshop on Feb. 6 in Cedar City (check back later for a more accurate time and location). The workshop is for anyone interested in becoming a volunteer and for returning volunteers who need additional training.

Those attending the workshop are trained to discover nests, identify raptors and learn how to perform fieldwork.  

People interested in volunteering need to have a pair of binoculars, a GPS unit, an email address and be able to spend two days in the field between March and July.

RINS is an all-volunteer organization that collects and manages data regarding nesting ecology eagles, falcons, hawks, osprey and owls.  

The organization started in 2000 and since then has acquired a corps of over 1,200 volunteers that have spent 10,673 days and over 100,000 hours tracking falcons and collecting data on them.

Currently, RINS monitors an average of 1,500 nests annually across 19 counties across Utah. They currently manage the largest raptor nest database with over 5,300 nests.  

In addition to the work RINS does on their own, they have also partnered with the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Defense, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife Resources, Hawk Watch International, Rocky Mountain Power and the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems. Through these partnerships, RINS helps to protect and maintain raptor populations.

For more information on RINS or information on volunteering to visit rins.org.

Story By
Mitchell Quartz