General Education and Upper Division Classes Guaranteed for Students During the Summer

Southern Utah University is offering guaranteed summer courses to students for the first time.  More than 50 of the college’s departments are offering over 350 May and summer courses, and some general education and upper division courses are guaranteed to students who want to take them in the summer.  

“We have been working on getting guaranteed summer courses for the last two years,” Ethan Patrick, summer coordinator, said. “Our work allows students to depend on these classes to graduate.”  

According to the summer semester website,, the guaranteed courses are offered for the next three summer semesters, and the list will be updated yearly.  

“Depending on what students want from summer classes, that list may also grow sooner than every year,” Patrick said.

The faculty has been concerned about these courses due to a lack of compensation for them. However, Patrick said faculty will receive full compensation for the courses that are guaranteed, regardless of enrollment.  

“Students are also able to receive Pell Grants and scholarships for summer courses for the first time. Summer is probably the most affordable it’s ever been at SUU,” Patrick said.  Patrick said he also encourages students to leave feedback on what kind of courses they would like to see in the summer by contacting him at Students can check out the full list of guaranteed courses offered by going to and clicking on the “Guaranteed Course List” button on the top right.

Story By
Trenton Flager for SUU News