The Movies I Watched Over Christmas Break

Christmas break is the perhaps the greatest two weeks of the year for movie-lovers: movie tickets for Christmas, movies with families, Christmas movies and new releases. Here is a recap of this year’s holiday season movies. If you haven’t seen the following movies, maybe this can help you decide where to spend your Megaplex gift cards.


“Coco,” tells the story of a young man’s travel to the spirit world, as he reunites with family and learns the true meaning of Dia de los Muertos and family. This was a cute movie by every measure of the word. I watched it late at night with my best friend, another 20-year-old man. We both loved it and loved the music but I can’t imagine watching it again without a kid in the room.

Recommendation: If you’re babysitting and need a movie, watch “Coco!” Or if you just love Disney movies, then I give it a thumbs up.

The Last Jedi

“The Last Jedi” continues the story of Rey from “The Force Awakens” as she finds Luke. All the while, the evil Kylo Ren is facing tough decisions of his own. The fact is, I have always loved the idea of “Star Wars” but if I am being completely honest with myself, the original six movies are not great. I purposefully said the original six; I include both the original trilogy and the prequels in this regard. The dialogue is not great and the plots are overdone. “The Force Awakens” was a decent movie on its own but did not feel original enough. “The Last Jedi” was just a good movie, original and captivating. It included all the elements that make “Star Wars” amazing in a movie anyone can enjoy.

Recommendation: You haven’t seen “The Last Jedi” yet?

Pitch Perfect 3

The Bellas are back! This time, they are in a competition to open for D.J. Khaled and Fat Amy’s dad is finally showing up in her life and things might just get aca-crazy. It was funny, but it did not live up to the original, or even “Pitch Perfect 2” for that matter. It jumps the shark a little bit, which I thought “Pitch Perfect” would not have been able to do, considering how ridiculous the first one was, but explosions and acapella singing will do that.

Recommendation: At some point, a group of people will get together and try and decide what movie to watch and someone will say, “hey, have you guys seen ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ yet?” That’s when you should watch it.

The Greatest Showman

The story of P.T. Barnum, the man who started the legendary Barnum circus, and his rise … then fall … then rise again! My roommate has been singing the tunes from “The Greatest Showman” for weeks. I’m not even mad, he’s a pretty decent singer and the music is great. It was a good movie and the actors were great. I am generally down for Zendaya and Zac Efron, and Hugh Jackman is an Australian god. If you can get over the fact that Jackman is playing a jerk (and that P.T. Barnum gets even less redemption in real life than in the movie) then my recommendation: At the very least, listen to the soundtrack if you like show tunes.

Story by
Andrew Leavitt 

Photo for SUU News by
Georgia Vagim on Unsplash