Harry Potter Jepoardy

The General Classroom building was home to another game of Jeopardy, this time with a little magical twist.

The Harry Potter Club hosted their own version of Jeopardy in room 409 Wednesday for members and guests. Now called “The Order of the Phoenix”, named after the fifth book, they are hoping to get more people to join with this event being a start.

Teams were split into two different houses, Gryffindor and Slytherin, to commemorate this themed game. Reading the books and watching the films proved to be a critical factor when it came to preparing for the game that celebrates Harry Potter culture and its legacy as a whole.

Club President Brianna Brunson, a sophomore psychology major from Midvale, said this was the group’s first event.

“I came up with the questions myself and it’s just gonna be awesome to do the event,” she said. “This is from one of the movies from the book and it’s a tribute.”

The categories resemble some of the better-known aspects of the Harry Potter universe. Answers included The Leaky Cauldron, Goblins running Gringotts, Hagrid being the keeper of keys and grounds, platform 9 and three quarters and how Harry Potter’s address was on the letter of acceptance into Hogwarts. Other than that, this was still a classic game of Jeopardy with the same basics of the real popular thing.

Elliott Nutter, a freshman theater and English double major from Salina, joined the club from an unexpected source.

“My English professor sent out an email if they wanted to join the club so I did,” he said. “That’s why I’m in.”

The winners of the event were the Slytherin house team who won by a good amount of points over the Gryffindor house despite difficulty with the Final Jeopardy event.

The Harry Potter club has more events for the rest of the year including more Harry Potter movie screenings and games to follow up the Jeopardy event. Currently, the club is not permitted to have any more meetings unless they can find an advisor.

For more information, stop by room 409 on Wednesday evenings.

Story by
Dan Lauper