Someone’s Been Murdered! It’s a Mystery!

Halloween may be long over, but the Real Education Affecting Life (REAL) peer group wasn’t done letting the holiday go in their latest event.

The Peers hosted their annual Murder Mystery event Thursday in the Sharwan Smith Student Center as a chance to have some fun with role-play and solve a crime to see who did it in the process. Guests came into the Non-Traditional Office to get an opportunity to play along in a Halloween-themed game event that was pushed back due to some conflicts they were dealing with before they hosted the event this past week.

Juliann Best, a freshman outdoor recreation major, likened the event to the fan favorite game “Clue” where the contestants are looking for the possible suspect behind the crime.

“I think it’s cool because I don’t think anyone knows about mysteries,” she said. “This event is unique because it is more interactive than theater shows and dances.”

They had to ask a few questions to the suspects in order to solve the case of the professor who appeared to be missing. The suspects included a vampire, a ghost, a witch, a clown and a mummy.

There were also free drinks and cookies the guests enjoyed during their quest to find the real “killer.” They could go in any order they chose with the checklists they were given when they arrived at the area to help them find the person behind the crime.

Erica Smith, a senior psychology major from Cedar City, worked on the event and wanted to teach those in attendance about how cases can be solved through a different point of view.

“It brings students into campus to attempt dangerous activities,” Smith said. “Also, it teaches responsibility and also gives out options.”

The Ghost explained her side of the story in the Mystery Murder case.

“I saw a horseman coming to the house and then I jumped to avoid them. There was just one at the time.”

This was before it was determined that in one of the levels she was behind the mysterious case where she knocked out the victim with a candle.
The REAL peers organization had a fun time raising awareness for the event that was closely related to Halloween. Next up, they will continue to promote events including their version of Thunder After Dark which are held each weekend night. For more information, visit their site here

Story and photo by
Dan Lauper for SUU News