SUU Outdoor’s Best Kept Secrets

There is a combined 6,700-square feet just up the canyon available to be rented out by SUU students that most don’t even know exists. The Mountain Center and Sheepherder’s Cabin are conveniently located and decked out with amenities available to be rented for as low as $371.18 a day.

The Sheepherder’s Cabin is currently unavailable for use, but the pavilion area is ready for rent and perfect for any family reunion or outdoor activity. The pavilion area includes a fire pit, pavilion, picnic tables and outhouse.

Just past mile marker 11 on SR-14 you can find the Mountain Center on the south side of the road. Here sits a 6,000-square foot log cabin set on a 2,800 acre ranch fit with a full kitchen, dining area, showers, fireplaces and more.

You and 143 of your closest friends can occupy the cabin during the day but only 45 total can stay overnight. There is a convenient parking lot located on the property that can hold up to 20 cars so carpooling is recommended!

There are four bedrooms located upstairs with a queen bed inside of each, while the loft houses seven single beds. One bedroom with another queen size bed is located on the main floor along with an extra room for sleeping bags and air mattresses.

ATVs and pets are not allowed on the Mountain Center property but there are plenty of other things to do!

A gas grill is located on the pavilion for use as well as a sand volleyball court and horseshoe pit on the west side of the property. An outdoor fire pit can be found just off the north side of the deck, but please follow the fire warnings posted.

There is a $50 per day nonrefundable reservation fee due when the contract is signed in addition to the $371.18 per day or $556.50 for overnight use. A cleaning checklist is also provided at check-in and guests are required to thoroughly complete the checklist.

Reservations are available to be made at this time by calling 435-865-1983 or filling out this form online. Campus use reservations will be shown priority but the public may begin making reservations starting Feb. 1.

The Mountain Center is open year round and reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis so don’t wait! For more information and an FAQ on both the Sheepherder’s Cabin and Mountain Center go here.

Story By
Colton Gordon