CSIS Test-Out

Don’t take more than you need to. 


CSIS 1000 is often an unwanted class. However, everyone has to take it in order to get that ever-desired degree. Well, now there is an opportunity to test out of CSIS 1000. No class involved.

The test out option is offered and available for spring semester. The tests are this fall semester and are offered on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. If neither of those dates work, other accommodations are possible.

In order to test out, the first step is to visit the Registrar’s office to get an examination form. One can also be obtained at this site.

There is, however, a $60 fee to take the test, and if students do pass, it is another $18 for it to be recorded. With a total of $78, three credit hours can be freed up for another class. Many would consider the benefits to far outweigh the cost of the test.

The test out option gives a pass or a fail in CSIS 1000. If students score above 70 percent, they are given a passing grade and are done with the class forever.

At the arrival of the test date, whether it be one of the offered dates or one otherwise specified, take the completed form from online or from the Registrar’s office to ELC 407 and take the test–and, if all goes well, receive credit and be done with CSIS 1000.

For more information on testing out of CSIS 1000 email csisinfo@suu.edu.


Story by
Katelyn Connors