Survival Tip of the week- Altoids Tin Survival

In recent years, using Altoids tins to make small survival kits has become a popular activity for outdoorsmen, preppers and everyday people. This week’s survival tip is dedicated to the items I carry in my personal Altoids survival kit.  

Before I begin, let me give you a few disclaimers. First, the items I carry in my kit are per my personal preference; they are the items I believe to be most useful in a survival situation. They may not reflect your personal beliefs or ideas for survival. Second, these kits are basic and designed to keep you alive until help arrives. They are not, by any stretch of the imagination, designed to make you comfortable. Third, these are fun and relatively cheap to make. It doesn’t hurt to have a few made up and placed in different locations.

The ideal Altoids tin survival kit should contain a few basic items;

  • Fire starter:
    • I personally have small lighters in my kits in addition to a small piece of fatwood for kindling.
  • A cutting tool:
    • I carry a small fixed blade knife that can be used in hand or fixed to the end of a stick for an improvised spear.
  • Basic medical supplies:
    • A piece of gauze and alcohol swabs and a sterile needle can be found in my kit. The alcohol swabs can also be used to help start a fire so they serve a double purpose.
  • Cord:
    • I have 25-feet of a Kevlar cord in my tin. I chose the Kevlar due to its thin circumference  and 250 pounds breaking strength, more than enough for a snare or makeshift stitches.
  • Water Purification:
    • I carry a few water purification tablets to make common water sources safe to drink.
  • Tape:
    • My whole kit is wrapped in duct tape because it can be used for almost anything.

Story By 
Mitchell Quartz