Oktoberfest in September

Students gathered inside the Sharwan Smith Center Living Room area Wednesday evening for an activity commemorating a popular German event.

The International Ambassadors hosted their version of Oktoberfest, which celebrates the event held in Germany with food, games, entertainment and music that fills the air and brings all students the closest it gets to Germany.

The original Oktoberfest is held in Munich for two weeks. The tradition began in 1810 and goes on for 16-18 days beginning the first week of October as part of their tradition. It’s observed by an average of six million people every year.

During the event, attendees had a chance to enjoy food including bratwurst and pretzels with cheese. There were also a variety of drinks including Butterbeer, a popular drink made famous by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the Universal theme parks. In addition, students were given an opportunity to play games including Jenga and spikeball, which resemble traditional games Germans play throughout the duration of this celebration.

Jonas Lungstrass, a strategic communication major from Germany, knows all about the event and wanted to spread the fun to students here on campus. “This is all about socializing and interacting with one another,” he said.

Devi Sharma, an information systems major from New Dehli, India, was another one of the ambassadors that knows all about this event and wanted to teach everyone about the history of it.

“There is lots of partying and games there,” she said. “Another big reason why is because there are a lot of students from Germany that come to SUU.”

Newman Kante, a business management major from Mali, believes the culture of Oktoberfest will make a huge impact on the students.

“You can learn a different culture,” he said. “It’s important we take useful time to learn other cultures about the world.”

Overall, the night ultimately proved to be a hit that had students already looking forward to next year’s Oktoberfest. The ambassadors had a blast enjoying the event with their peers, helping them get a taste of what the real Oktoberfest feels like in Munich.

The International Ambassadors will continue to hold unique events throughout the semester and stick to their goal to teach people about the world’s celebrations through different ways.


Story by
Dan Lauper