Visit The Parks for Free

Are you a college student who is scraping up just enough money to buy some ramen? Or are you just wanting to save some money when planning your family outing for this month? Want to go visit one of America’s beautiful national parks?

If you answered yes or even maybe, then I have good news!

In 2017 the National Park Service is having 10 days of free admission and there are only three left this year. This is in celebration of the of the National Parks being open for over a century as of this past year, 2016.

One of those days is coming up very quickly. Sept. 30 is National Public Lands Day and admissions fees for the parks will be waived for anyone going.

Since in the past year there has been and will continue to be an increase in the amount it will cost for admissions to some of the National Parks. Taking advantage of these free admission days is the perfect opportunity to visit the wonderful land we are surrounded by.

Over Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 11-12 the parks will also have free admission. Be sure to take your friends and family out to enjoy not only this opportunity, but the great outdoors as well.

Story By Carlee Jo Blumenthal