City Library Facilitates Art Classes for Adults

Ansleigh Mikesell

Photo by Ansleigh Mikesell – Students at the final art night of August learning new elements of drawing.

Cedar City Library hosted drawing classes with SUU Art student.

Weekly Art Nights have been hosted at the Cedar City Library in the Park for the past few months. These nights are an opportunity for individuals 18 years or older and of all artistic levels to convene and practice basic skills. Each month there is a local artist who facilitates specific practices for the group to accomplish together.

August’s artistic host was SUU art student Michaela Crismon. Crismon personally volunteered to be an art host at the library. She believed the opportunity would benefit her studies.

“[Teaching] makes me think about art from a different perspective and simplify more,” she said. “The whole experience has helped me more than I think it has helped them.”

The class has appeared to be a positive experience for more than just Crismon. The last week of the month was spent practicing one-point and two-point perspective drawing. Though most weeks there was a full room, last Thursday’s class had five present. Among those in attendance was Library Director Steve Decker. Decker tries to attend each weekly art night but enjoyed August more than most.

“I am a special fan of these past classes because it is what I personally love to do. I have really enjoyed being here,” he said.

Crismon lead the class by challenging the attendees to draw a box from multiple angles. Because of the intimate setting, everyone around the table assisted one another with perspective. The openness of the environment provided a positive experience for all.

One of the attendees, Stephanie, an elementary school teacher, said, “I come here because I want to connect to people. And I always do. It’s fun to sit and draw and chat together.”

Even though many will miss drawing with Crismon, the library has more art nights planned for everyone to share. The Thursdays in September will focus on creating book art, using old books to create sculptures.

For guests, supplies for September’s book art classes will be provided with no entrance fee. Art nights are hosted every Thursday evening from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the library at the park, 303 N. 100 E., Cedar City. For more information about Library Art Nights, call 435-586-6661.