Alumnus Kasen Hulet and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Many students choose what has been dubbed The University of the Parks to enjoy Utah’s great outdoors, but some leave with more than memories and a degree — such as the chance for a career working on public lands. Kasen Hulet graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in agriculture science and an emphasis in range management in 2023. After graduating, he secured a job as a wildlife technician with the Division of Wildlife Resources.

Hulet works under the habitat section of the DWR, which maintains the natural environments that support Utah’s diverse wildlife. The other sections of the DWR include fishery, wildlife, water conservation and outreach.

In his position, Hulet builds wildlife guzzlers that collect water for the local animals. He also maintains the fencing in wildlife management areas, conducts captures and relocations and assists with any maintenance the DWR needs.

SUU alumnus Kasen Hulet poses with a pair of antlers.

Since the beginning of August, he has been working on a project for a mile-long wildlife safe range fence.  This fence keeps livestock out of designated wildlife areas.

Hulet recommends that any students trying to get a job working on public lands look into seasonal positions or internships that are available during the summer. He met with an official from the habitat council for the DWR, which allowed him to secure a seasonal position with the organization. This position also counted as internship credits towards his graduation.

“Getting hands-on experience is always a good idea,” said Hulet. “I’d recommend that students try to get as much of it even if it’s outside internships or jobs.”

For those looking for a career with a government agency like the DWR, Hulet recommends attending college career fairs like the ones hosted by SUU. Officials from government agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management or the U.S. Forest Service are frequently looking for students to join internships or seasonal positions. Students should also keep an eye out for opportunities with the Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative, which has their office on SUU’s campus.


Author: Carlos Grilli
Photographer: Kasen Hulet
Editor: Lily Brunson