First Health and Wellness Fair to assist student and faculty success

Southern Utah University plans to hold its first Health and Wellness Fair Thursday, Oct. 19, in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Ballroom beginning at 11 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m. The fair is put on by the College of Health Sciences, the Health and Wellness Center and Human Resources. 

This school-wide event is geared toward not only student but employee and faculty success. Gabby Cox, benefits specialist in HR and one of the coordinators over the fair, spoke about the event, “I am hoping this fair will introduce students to resources they may not have known about.” 

The goal is to let students and staff know more about the options they have on campus, and around Cedar City.

With many different booths coming, there will be a variety for students and staff to learn about. Some of the vendors attending include UMR, Samera, Canyon Creek and many more.

Various prizes will also be offered at the event through a drawing. To qualify, you must obtain eight signatures from different booths. Gift baskets from the SUU Bookstore, ranging from $50 to $100 values, are some of the larger prizes in the running. 

Another goal for this event is to encourage people to get involved. Different clubs and organizations will be attending, ready to welcome anyone interested in their cause. You can meet new friends and mentors here, all focused on how they can help you feel and do your best.

According to Cox, the hope is that this year will be the start to many successful Health and Wellness Fairs. As the event gains traction, it will hopefully become something that students and staff look forward to every year.

Author: Savanah Torgenson
Photo Courtesy of SUU
Editor: Audrey Gee