Eateries in Cedar City for college students

Everyone has to eat. This is a universal truth, but it can be hard for college students to do so sometimes. They have to get up early, get to class, go to work and cram homework in there somewhere. Important things such as sleep and eating can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Luckily, Cedar City has some amazing eateries all over town that are accessible to even the most schedule-packed of students.

Where to go to grab-and-go

There are several drink, sandwich and small pastry shops that can have an order for a rushed student to grab and go ready in a few short minutes. A few drink shops include:

Dutch Bros


For that cup of coffee that so many college students need, they could always stop by: 

The Grind 


When looking for a quick snack, try:

The French Spot 


The Berry Bar

Bulloch Drug Store Soda Fountain

Quick stops on or near campus

Even if a student is too busy to even leave campus, they could always cruise over to:

— The C-Store in the Sharwan Smith Student Center 


If they have a little more time on their hands, they can walk towards Main Street and check out:

The Pub

Park Place

Centro’s Woodfired Pizza 

Plenty of pizza

When the hunger kicks in but the drive to cook does not, there is always pizza:

— Five Buck Pizza

Papa John’s

Pizza Hut


The Pizza Cart 

Dine-in dates that don’t break the bank

When pizza doesn’t cut it, or in other words, when planning a date while having the limited funds of a college student, try going over to:




All American Diner 

College may be hard, but one thing that shouldn’t be is knowing where to go to get some food. Whether that’s a grocery store, restaurant or the convenience store down the street, grab that snack, cup of coffee or sandwich to get the boost to make it through the day.


Photo courtesy of Kale Nelson