How to rent gear from SUU Outdoors for spring break

Gear hangs on the wall of the SUU Outdoors Garage.

With spring break just around the corner, now is a perfect time to plan outdoor activities. From camping equipment to snowboarding gear, Southern Utah University students can get everything they need from SUU Outdoors’ Basecamp.

Pricing varies based on the number of days equipment is rented, and students are not charged for days that Basecamp is closed. Since the store will be closed for the entirety of spring break, students can rent gear for the week while only paying for one day. To benefit from the opportunity, rental arrangements should be made by Friday, Feb. 24. Basecamp also has equipment for sale, but they are primarily smaller items such as maps and water bottles.

Basecamp is located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center and is open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. on weekdays. There, students can rent gear and ask the staff questions. For reservations and pickups, students must have a T-number or driver’s license on file.

All equipment and their prices are listed for reference on the SUU Outdoors website. If a student is unsure whether or not an item is in stock, or if they would like to reserve something, they can call Basecamp at (435) 865-8704 or email them at 

SUU Outdoors always encourages students to get outside, even if it means traveling to chase down some slightly warmer weather.

“If you have time off, you might as well go outside and enjoy it,” said Baylee Howe, an SUU Outdoors coordinator. “I say just do it.”


Story by: Anden Garfield
Photos by: Anden Garfield