SUU community invited to “bridge the gap” during upcoming seminar

Do you tend to think more scientifically or philosophically? Are these methods of thinking really that different? The SUU community is invited to find out at the upcoming Radical Academic Discussion seminar, “Bridging the Gap Between Science and Philosophy.”

RAD seminars are interactive, open-discussion events sponsored by the Honors Program and open to everyone in the SUU community, students and faculty alike. These activities allow attendees to learn about an array of interesting topics, such as science fiction, urban legends, personal identity and more.

In the approaching seminar, biology professor John Taylor and library Executive Director Matt Nickerson will share the differences and similarities between these two fields of study, focusing especially on how both come from similar roots.

“Though the modern world is a mashup of many past and current cultures, much of what we think, do and believe has its roots in the arts and philosophy of the Greeks,” said Nickerson. “Their ideas informed modern science and shaped Western concepts of what is real.”

Like other RAD seminars, the SUU community will not only have the opportunity to hear from the presenters but to also share their own insights and learn from each other. This event will allow people from a wide range of backgrounds, majors and interests to come together as a community of engaged learners.

Everyone on campus is welcome to attend this seminar. It will be held on Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. in the Brian Head Room of the Sharwan Smith Student Center. Refreshments will be provided.

Article by: Andrea Rodgers
Photos courtesy of Andrea Rodgers, Diego PH and Kyler Trautner via Unsplash