“Back to the Future” screening draws crowd of fans

A group of Southern Utah University students gathered in the Student Center Living Room to watch “Back to the Future” on Oct. 21. The event also featured  an ice cream bar and a costume contest.

“Back to the Future” follows teen Marty McFly, portrayed by Michael J. Fox, on an adventure into the past with the help of Doc Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd. Even though “Back to the Future” was produced in 1985, the film is a classic that drew a strong turnout.

The screening wasn’t only a chance to enjoy the sci-fi film, but it also gave fans an opportunity to get to know each other. The couches were rearranged in theater fashion in front of a large television to provide time for the crowd to mingle before the movie.

A dilemma did arise at the start of the movie when the TV’s speakers couldn’t project past the first row of chairs. However, several students quickly volunteered and set up a new speaker to allow the whole room to experience the full movie.

Once “Back to the Future” ended, three costumed fans were selected out of the crowd and awarded Amazon gift cards. Ethan Williams, sporting a down vest just like McFly’s in the film, won the first place prize.

“It’s a classic movie. It’s super fun ‘cause when they made it, it was only nostalgic about the 50s,” Williams said. “I think now it’s fun to look back on because you can be nostalgic for both the 80s and the 50s.”

Story by: Kale Nelson
Photos by: Bria Hansen