Cedar City’s best, local street tacos

There has been a question that has been around for ages now. One that cannot ever be answered correctly. One that has boggled many minds. The question is: “Where do we go to eat?” 

There are many places here in Cedar City that people can go to but being college students, we probably do not have much money. One food item that many of us  can afford in abundance in street tacos. Here are my top three in no particular order. 

1. Tacos El Jefe

  • Tacos El Jefe is located off of Main Street near Cedar High School. Each Tacos is very cheap, just $1.70. These tacos are huge and they fill them up with lots of meat. They have many options including carne asada, carnitas and lengua. The meat is bursting with flavor and they put plenty of onions and chives on top. The red sauce they have also has onions and green onions in it so you might need a mint after your meal.

2. Rita’s Taco Shop

  • Rita’s Taco Shop is located right next to the McDonald’s. Each taco is $2 each so it is a little bit pricier than Tacos El Jefe. The tacos also are a little bit smaller with less meat but, just like Tacos El Jefe, the meat has a lot of flavor. They have carne asada and carnitas options. Their red sauce was not as hot as Tacos El Jefe but still had a kick to it. While these tacos may be smaller in size, they still packed quite a flavor punch. 

3. Alfredo’s Mexican Food

  • Alfredo’s Mexican Food is also located on Main Street, right across from Canyon View Middle School. These tacos were $2.39 each — by far the most expensive of the three options in this list. The tacos were definitely blogger than Rita’s but were still smaller than Tacos El Jefe. Alfredos gives you lots of meat in the taco and their red sauce also has a kick to it. However, the tortillas were a little dry. Their meat was still very flavorful and was quite filling. 

These are just three places that serve street tacos here in Cedar City and there are quite a few more that you can go too. So, if you do not trust my judgment, look around and find your own favorite place.

While street tacos might not be the biggest thing to get and might not be super filling, they are always packed full of flavor and provide a cheap way college students can eat. 

Article and photo by: John Wilkinson