What Happened to recycling in Cedar City?

Jan. 1, 2022 marked two years since Cedar City discontinued its recycling program. In 2020, the city council voted to cancel their arrangement with Washington County Solid Waste District, leaving residents with no convenient options for recycling. 

Since 2010, there had only been six large recycling bins located around Cedar City for locals to dispose of their plastic, paper, glass and metal waste. WCSW would come and collect the contents of these bins and process the waste. Due to rising costs, the city canceled this service.

Since terminating the recycling program, the city has made no plans to institute any other city-sponsored options. On their website, they encourage residents to find local options if they are still interested in recycling. 

Two options highlighted on the city’s website include Robinson Recycling, based in Cedar City, as well as ReCyclops, a private recycling company that will pick up your waste from your home for a monthly fee. 

SUU is committed to offering recycling on campus. The Outdoor Engagement Center manages this program. There are bins in most department offices for staff and students to recycle paper, cardboard and plastics. 

Although recycling is one way to reduce your environmental footprint, there are many other ways to make a difference. 

Reducing the amount of single-use plastics that are bought and used is one of the most significant changes that can be made. Along with the practice of reusing where possible, being mindful of the waste generated creates responsible habits. For example, buying products in glass bottles or jars that can be reused rather than plastic is a simple change that keeps waste out of landfills.

Until Cedar City provides more options for recycling, the best thing residents can do is make choices to reduce their impact on landfills. Otherwise, contact recycling@suu.edu to get involved or ask any questions.


Article by Lily Brunson


Photo by Sigmund via Unsplash