Registration starts tomorrow: Here’s what you need to know

Registration for the fall 2022 semester starts this week and students of Southern Utah University need to be prepared in order to get into the classes they need. Seniors can register March 29, juniors can register March 31, sophomores can register April 4 and freshmen will have their turn April 6.

To incentivize on-time registration, Student Involvement and Leadership is hosting several giveaways. Students that register on their assigned day can stop by the Nest for Crumbl Cookies as well as tickets to submit for the chance to win. In addition to smaller prizes like an Amazon FireStick and Apple AirTag, whichever class has the highest percentage registered by April 8 will have the opportunity to win four exclusive scholarships.

Academic Advisor Morgan Bailey had some advice for students over the next two weeks: “Plan ahead and register on time.”

On a student’s designated day, online registration opens at 8 a.m. Students who register late will have limited access for classes and will most likely be put on a waiting list. That is why Bailey recommended students plan out their schedules ahead of time using the Registration Schedule Builder program, found on the mySUU Portal.

Bailey continued: “Make sure you know which classes you are registering for, how to use the registration system and have a back up plan just in case some of your planned classes don’t work out.” 

Students who need help or advice are encouraged to visit the Nest for help. They will also post the percentage of each grade that is registered, compared to institutional averages, for the scholarship contest.

For more information and registration FAQs, visit SUU’s website.


Article by: Layton Evans and Aspen English

Photos courtesy of STIL