Honoring the lumberjack founders

As a part of Founder’s Week, Southern Utah University’s Student Programming Board held a lumberjack themed event. They called the event “Wood You Like to Be a Lumberjack?”

This event had ax throwing, wood burning, wood chopping, lawn Jenga, Lincoln Logs and a beard contest. Students had to sign a waiver to participate in the axe throwing, wood burning and chopping.

Hunter Bosgieter, director of SPB, said he planned the event as a way to honor the university founders.

“I was inspired by ‘Back Up the Mountain’ to create an event to pay tribute to the building of Old Main,” Bosgieter said.

The ax throwing was hosted by Phat Axe St. George. Students were able to throw axes and throwing stars at wooden targets.

“Ax throwing was my favorite!” said student Raychel Pinkston. 

Students were given a challenge to try and split a piece of wood in ten hits at the wood cutting area. 

Abby Shamrell, a theatre student, said, “wood chopping was my favorite. It was so therapeutic.”

Wood burning allowed students to create their own designs on a small circle of wood by using colored pencils to draw the design and a tool to burn in the design. 

Students were able to be taken back to their childhoods with the events that did not require a waiver like lawn Jenga and Lincoln Logs. 

The beard contest winner was Reuben Gates who got a three-person tent and a metal water bottle as a prize. Daniel Corcoran, the runner up, got an air mattress and a metal water bottle. 


Article by: Callie King-Stevens

Photos by: McKayla Olsen