Rep. Chris Stewart visits SUU

Utah’s Second District Representative Chris Stewart spoke at the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service on Tuesday, March 22. 

Rep. Stewart came to SUU to discuss his future goals for the 2023-2025 term and asked students what their concerns were. Stewart is running for re-election for his sixth term as one of Utah’s representatives.

“My main focus is not to talk about me,” Stewart said. “I want to know more about what your concerns are.”

When asked about his plans for Utah’s Second Congressional District if re-elected, Stewart laid out his thoughts. 

“We first have to acknowledge that we are in the minority,” Stewart said. “If we win back the House and Senate, then we will be able to get Republican legislation through much easier.”

Stewart is optimistic Republicans will take back the congressional majority in the midterm elections and plans to focus on national security, suicide prevention and mental health and privacy. 

“One of my proudest accomplishments back in D.C. was drafting the mental health 988 crisis hotline,” Stewart said. “Mental health is something in our country that still needs to be addressed.”

Tom Cloward, an SUU student, asked Stewart the significance of potential Russian cybersecurity attacks.

“Russian intelligence could destroy our electric grid across the country,” Stewart said. “Without electrical power, millions of people could die.”

Many Americans are concerned about the crisis in Ukraine. The decision to involve the U.S. military has been a controversial topic. 

As someone who served in the Airforce as a Defense Hawk, Stewart is not in favor of sending U.S. troops to Ukraine or a no-fly zone. 

“To enforce a no-fly zone would show that we are standing with Putin,” Stewart said. “It would be a horrible mistake.”

The Utah Primary Election is Tuesday, June 28, and the Midterm Election is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Article by: Lexi Hamel

Photo Courtesy of: Rep. Chris Stewart via Twitter