What resources does SUU have for non-traditional students?

According to Southern Utah University’s Non-Traditional Student Services Center, non-traditional students make up about 40% of student enrollment. With so many students from so many different backgrounds, SUU has made efforts to accommodate those needs, offering special resources to these students.

Because nearly half of its student population is made up of students considered to be non-traditional, SUU has focused heavily on helping those students navigate their way through college with various options and resources.

Students play games at a Family Game Night hosted by the Non-Trad office

In order to be considered a non-traditional student, at least one of a handful of criteria must be met: being 25 or older, married, having children as well as a few other less common criteria. With the number of students meeting this criteria, it is important to offer resources and services that could help these students to attend and complete college.

The list of resources offered by the Non-Traditional Student office is a long one. Things like scholarships, financial assistance, activities and events, special amenities and even child care options exist.

With so many students fitting within the non-traditional category, SUU has made increased efforts to accommodate them with a new focus on those students that have children. Former SUU President Scott Wyatt made the choice to turn the old president’s house into the Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Hope — a daycare for SUU students to utilize in order to be able to attend their classes. The Center for Hope opened on September 11, 2020 and can accommodate up to 81 children at a time.

College can be a difficult venture for anyone and these resources are there to help. Alayna Johnson, an SUU graduate, mentioned this at the grand opening of the Center for Hope. 

“I dare say that this will be the difference between success and failure for parents who are choosing to further their education,” Johnson said during her speech at the grand opening event, illustrating SUU’s commitment to helping student parents pursue an education.

With so many non-traditional students being a part of the SUU student body, it is important for those students to know about the resources they can utilize to help them through their education. 

Non-traditional students can find more information by visiting the Non-Traditional Student Services Center located inside the Sharwan Smith Student Center, room ST 172, or by visiting https://www.suu.edu/nontraditional/.


Article by Scott Allen