ISA celebrates spring with Holi, Festival of Colors

The International Student Ambassadors transported students to Holi, the Festival of Colors, on March 16 in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Living Room.

After a morning of rain, the festival was brought in from its original location on the library quad to the Living Room. Despite the change, the event still brought the bright colors originally associated with the Indian holiday.

Decked from floor to ceiling in bright streamers and balloons, students were invited to enjoy the Indian tradition. Students were able to enjoy fruit custard, chai masala and pulao. Henna and coloring pages were also offered to students throughout the event.

Due to the rain, the colored chalk throw was unable to occur but tie-dying shirts was an excellent replacement that still allowed the event to capture the importance of art through color.

Holi, considered one of the most colorful events in the world, is a Hindu tradition meant to welcome spring through a burst of colors.

“The excitement, celebrations and colors are filled with meaning,” International Student Advisor Jake Smith said. “It is a time for family and friends to gather and appreciate one another. The world needs more of that.”

ISA strives to create an environment that inspires growth, creates long lasting connections with students around the world and helps Southern Utah University students become more culturally aware. This goal does not end with ISA members either, SUU itself pushes for students to become more accepting of one another.

“I think the best way to recognize this is to respectfully represent unique identities, communicate with kindness and remember that all are welcome here,” said Smith. “Holi really embodies this and provides a great opportunity for the SUU community to learn and have a global experience right on campus.”

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Article by: Audrey Gee
Photos by: McKayla Olsen