Utah Republicans hold GOP caucus meeting

Republicans across the state had a high turnout for the GOP’s first caucus meeting in four years on Tuesday, March 8. 

Caucuses take place in Utah for Republicans to get together in their precincts or sub-precincts and elect people to represent them at the county and state levels in the midterm and general elections. In each sub-precinct, registered Republican voters can elect those who they would like to represent them.

Photo by Lexi Hamel

The biennial  caucus meetings did not happen two years ago due to the pandemic and the Republican turn out this year was higher than expected. 

In a non-presidential election year, some members of Utah’s GOP were surprised with the above-average turnout. State Republican GOP Chair Carson Jorgenson was thrilled with the statewide participation.

“Most precincts in Washington County were averaging 45 to 50 people. Toquerville had 50 people show up,” Jorgenson said. 

Of the 50 precincts and sub-precients in Iron County, Cedar City has 29 sub-precincts.

In Cedar’s 24th sub-precinct, 26 Republicans showed up to participate. Shalon Shaver led the night as precinct chair.

“We get to decide who we want to vote for and who is going to be the best for our precinct,”  Shaver said. “If elected, our locals get to represent us.”

Cedar’s 24th sub-precinct has two delegates at the state level and nine at the county level. 

Shaver got re-elected as chair, and Michael Clark and Cecil Taylor were elected as the two state delegates for the 24th sub-precinct. 

Clark ran for public office in California and worked for his local Republican Party in Los Angeles County.

“I think it is important that people become involved in their local government,” Clark said. “I am happy to entertain any comment anyone has as their representative.”

Like Clark, Taylor worked for his local Republican Party outside of the state and moved to Utah from Kansas two years ago. 

“I am a newcomer, but I have tried to get to know my neighbors here,” Taylor said. “I have been a life-long Republican and have stayed involved with my local Republican Party.”

Nine people were nominated as county delegates for the 24th sub-preceint so no election was necessary. 

The Iron County Convention will take place on April 8 and the State Convention will take place on April 23 in Sandy, Utah. 

Article by: Lexi Hamel


Photo Courtesy of: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash