Experience an adventure of a lifetime: SPB presents Evening in Europe

Southern Utah University’s Student Programming Board will be hosting Evening in Europe in the Hunter Conference Center’s Great Hall Friday, Feb. 4 from 6-8 p.m. 

Upon entering, students have the options to eat crepes from IHOP and churros from Del Taco. For those choosing to eat crepes, there will be a variety of fruit toppings, nutella, peanut butter, vanilla syrup, whipped cream and powdered sugar to make the crepes filled with flavor. Students will then be able to customize an Italian soda to take with them for the night. 

Spain, Italy and France will be the main countries for students to explore for the night. Each country will have an activity, a photo opportunity and snacks and drinks in relation to that specific country. For Valentine’s Day in Spain, people attach letters to roses so this will be the activity for this portion of Spain. As for France, students will have to guess the amount of candy in a jar and the student that is closest will win the jar of candies. 

Although there are many opportunities for pictures throughout the night, students may look forward to the Eiffel Tower balloon sculpture found in the France section most. 

The event will also feature live music performed by student musician Don Pelicano, or XAI on streaming platforms.

“We have put a lot of effort into making the atmosphere amazing and I am so excited for students to come,” said Event Director Brynley Jones. “This is going to be a beautiful event and there will be a lot of hot food for everyone to enjoy.” 

SPB is partnering with SUU’s Non-Traditional Office for this event. Students can bring their family, friends, partners, someone they have recently met or just themselves. The Non-Traditional Office is hosting France’s section for students to enjoy. 

For more information about future SPB events, follow them on Instagram or visit the Calendar of Events on SUU’s homepage. 


Story by: Elaine Lonborg