Bob Kittell pulls audience close at A.P.E.X. event

Ask. Ponder. Educate. [X]. brought in motivational speaker Bob Kittell to help turn negativity on its head in Southern Utah University’s Great Hall on Jan. 27.

Kittell has been a motivational speaker for over three decades, appearing with the likes of Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, and four United States presidents. His message of hope has inspired auditoriums across the United States, Canada and Europe. He is also the author of “En-lighten Up.”

Kittell asks himself every morning, “Who can I lift today?”

From selling $10 for $5 and pulling a student up to the stage to present her with her own standing ovation, Kittell was successful in his goal and the audience was on the edge of their seats waiting to see what he had in store for them next.

Kittell explained that there was a time when he would appear on stage with all the gusto he could muster but would then curl up in a ball in his dressing room, drowning in panic. Through following the steps he presented, he has found peace.  

“Make sure someone helps you,” Kittell said. “Don’t try to conquer it by yourself.”

It was throughout his showmanship that he was able to guide the audience to his advice on how to change their lives from panic to peace.

His advice included work to cure childhood trauma, rewire the brain, and avoid suppressing emotions. Each step held personal anecdotes, showing the audience that he too struggled to press through each step.

He pushed for human connection, illustrating his point through a demonstration full of eye contact and deep personal questions with an audience member. The connection created was felt across the room, settling deep in each viewer.

The presentation ended with an emphasis on forgiveness and the importance of letting go.

More information on Kittell and his work can be found here and information on future A.P.E.X. events like this one can be found here


Article and Photo by: Audrey Gee