SPB teams up with Pre-Medical Society for Becoming a Lifesaver event

The Student Programming Board, Student Affairs and the Pre-Medical Society are teaming up to help students learn more information on how to become a lifesaver on Friday, Dec. 3 from 6-8 p.m. in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Ballroom. 

The event plans to give students information on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first-aid and information on automated external defibrillators. Students will also be taught positive mental health strategies to help them through their daily activities. Different tables will be set up for students to choose what topics they want to learn more about. 

The Pre-Medical Society will talk about the Good Samaritan Clause and the legal aspects that come with it before demonstrating CPR on practice bodies for students to view while also informing students about the importance of first aid. 

Student Affairs will provide resources for students that are struggling with mental health issues along with giving tips on how to stay positive and help others stay positive. 

Students will have the chance to make their own first-aid kits with the materials provided and are encouraged to keep those kits with them to be prepared in case of an accident. 

“I always have my first-aid kit on me,” said Event Coordinator Morgan Hansen. “I feel good knowing that in the event something happens, I can help that person.”

The Becoming a Lifesaver event is geared to help students who want to become more comfortable and gain more knowledge before getting a certification in any method of a life-saving practice. 

“CPR is not as intimidating as it seems,” Hansen stresses. “People have a lot of perceptions about how scary it can be. Everyone needs to be familiar with CPR and know how to perform it because it could save a life one day.”

Certifications will not be provided but students that are interested in becoming certified can take a CPR and first-aid class by signing up for PE-1543: Advanced First-Aid-Emergency Care-CPR. 

For more information about future SPB events, follow them on Instagram or visit the Calendar of Events on SUU’s homepage. 


Story by: Elaine Lonborg