Ways to Beat The Test Stress Outside

outdoor therapy

The semester is coming to an end, and that means one thing: finals. It’s that time of year where Southern Utah University students’ stress levels are through the roof, and each day is full of panic. Whichever way you decide to deal with stress, there’s little better than getting in some fresh spring air.

outdoor therapySome great ways to beat the stress of finals are getting outside and enjoying the warming sunny weather that southern Utah has to offer.

There are easy ways to get outside around SUU, such as hiking. All around the university are trails that offer various difficulties and challenges, ranging from a leisurely stroll to a rugged all-day event. 

Some of these trails include the Hidden Haven Trail, Kanarraville Falls Trail, Twisted Forest Trail, and the easy-going Cedar Canyon Walking Trail.

However, if hiking isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other options available for getting outside. Scenic drives are scattered throughout Iron County and the greater southern Utah area if you have a car.outdoor therapy

One of the closest drives you can take is the Cedar City Canyon. The road is a part of State Route 14 which is 41 miles in length and can lead to Cedar Breaks National Monument at the top of the canyon. 

There’s plenty of scenic overlooks along the route that allow spectators to bask in the Cedar red hills. 

While these distractions are a great way to escape from the pressure of tests and the town of Cedar, some students may not have that option with either a full schedule or lack of transportation keeping them close to town.

Finals are a busy time for students with final projects, final presentations, and final tests; it can be a seemingly endless nightmare. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes an unavoidable outdoor therapynightmare.

If you can’t escape outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the healing nature of the outdoors in your backyard.

Cedar City is full of public parks that are just waiting for a study session, such as Ridge Park. Students can also relax right on campus with either a hammock or just a nice shady spot in any of SUU’s nature areas.

Finals are stressful for everyone, but an excellent way to mentally prepare is to take a few deep breaths of fresh southern Utah air.


Story and Photos By Skyler Jones
Email: skyler.mc.jones@gmail.com