Ranking the Three Disc Golf Courses in Cedar City

Cedar City is known for being right in the middle of beautiful outdoor scenery. Taking advantage of this location by mountain biking and hiking are popular pastimes for people that enjoy being outside. 

In addition, there is another outdoor hobby that is becoming quite popular. Disc golf is making its way across the nation, and is a cheap alternative to the “regular” version of golf. A set of discs are a fraction of the price one would pay for a set of golf clubs, and most local disc golf courses are entirely free to play. 

Cedar City happens to have three disc golf courses, all within 20 minutes of the city. Each course offers 18 holes and is appealing to both beginners and advanced players. 

Here is a personal ranking of the three local courses: 


  1. Three Peaks Disc Golf Course

Located at the popular Three Peaks Recreation Area, this course is surrounded by popular hiking and mountain biking trails. The biggest downside of Three Peaks is its 20-plus minute drive from Cedar City. Not horrible by any means, but you’ll need to set at least a couple hours aside if you plan on doing all 18 holes. 

The other reason that Three Peaks is ranked third is because of the confusion with some of the holes. There are a few baskets that are pretty far from each other, which wouldn’t be a huge deal if you had an idea of where exactly you needed to throw. That is part of the challenge, but it makes for a pretty difficult first time trying to navigate through the course.

On top of that, some of the tees are poorly marked. There are thick trees throughout the course which make for beautiful scenery, but ideally there would be trail markers making it easier to locate each tee.

Aside from the confusion, this is still a fun course. It’s a popular area for a reason, with different terrains adding extra obstacles for a challenge. Certain parts are sandy with big boulders to climb over, and other areas have thick trees and brush to walk through. Overall, this may not be the best course for beginners, but more advanced players would enjoy it. 


  1. Ironside Disc Golf Course 

Ironside is located right across the street from Three Peaks, so there are a lot of similarities. Ironside seems to have more boulders and mounds to climb on, making it easier to find the baskets. 

There are also trail markers that help out a lot when it comes to finding some of the tees. Another similarity to Three Peaks is that each tee has two different baskets to throw to — an easy one and a hard one. For the most part, the baskets are visible when you’re at the tee. 

Ironside is very beautiful in its own way and is a bit easier than Three Peaks, but would still be challenging enough for advanced players to enjoy. 


  1.  Thunderbird Gardens Disc Golf Course

Thunderbird Gardens is an easy pick for the top disc golf course in the Cedar City area. Being located just a few minutes away from Main Street makes it accessible for a quick game. The best part about Thunderbird Gardens is without a doubt the scenery. Set against beautiful red rocks, this course is a fun mix of hiking and disc golf. 

Another appealing thing about Thunderbird Gardens is the versatility. The first nine holes are easy and perfect for anyone new to the game, while the back nine holes are challenging with steep drop offs that are ready to steal your favorite frisbee. 

Overall, this is the best local course for beginners or advanced players. 


Story by: Christian Esparza
Email: esparza.christian@hotmail.com
Photos courtesy of Sean Benesh on Unsplash