Southern Utah University Announces Changes at Annual Truth in Tuition

The Southern Utah University Student Association discussed changes to yearly tuition and student fees at the Truth in Tuition event on Feb. 23. The Vice President of Finance and Administration Marvin Dodge presented the information.

Dodge announced that tuition will remain the same for the 2021-22 fiscal year. Tuition has remained at a plateau or decreased (2.5%)  since 2018 at SUU, a trend the university hopes to follow in the future. There is also a recommendation for a $22 (5.76%) decrease in student fees.

Dodge began the meeting by stating his department is “very conscientious about the cost of higher education.”

Two new programs were also announced — the university’s first doctoral program, a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, and Speedway Online, a way for those with completed credits to earn a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree completely online.

For most students taking Speedway Online courses, the estimated cost will be $750 with the initiative “to keep prices as low as possible [for students],” Dodge said.

The student fee covering the Southern Utah Museum of Art’s building is proposed to have a $4 reduction. Prior to this decrease, the fee was over collecting.

The computer lab fee will see a 50% decrease and the money lost in the reduction will be absorbed by the academic budget.

It is also proposed that the fee covering student identification cards be eliminated. The card itself will still have a cost, but students will no longer see a charge for the upfront cost of Student ID and for the Student ID fee.

The University Journal fee will decrease by 50 cents.

A proposed 50 cent increase to the Radio Station Improvement Fund will not be recommended due to the lack of consistent purchasing done by the radio station. These future costs can also be absorbed by the academic budget.

Some senate members expressed concerns about the Counseling and Psychological Services fee remaining the same, considering the recent decrease in mental wellness at the university. However, Dodge assured them that they are “always aggressive in pursuing grants.”

Further reductions in course fees are still being considered.

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Story and Photo by: Audrey Gee