CAPS Offers Drop-in Consultations for Students

Every Thursday from 3-5 p.m., the Counseling and Psychological Services at Southern Utah University offers a Let’s Talk program that gives students the opportunity to participate in drop-in consultations with counselors. 

CAPS will be holding its next Let’s Talk session on Feb. 4 from 3-5 p.m.

Because CAPS is running remotely during the pandemic, there is a Zoom link provided on their website that allows the participant to chat with a counselor virtually. 

SUU’s Health and Wellness Center also offers an available room for meetings, but technology will not be provided. 

In order to access the private office, students can call the CAPS main office at 865-8621 and then will be given the location 

The first-come first-serve basis for these 15-minute informal and confidential meetings is designed to help students connect with a counselor to discuss basic mental health needs.

These sessions are a great opportunity for those who aren’t sure if counseling is for them. Counselors can recommend certain treatments or ways that the student can manage whatever it is they are experiencing. 

They are not a replacement for formal therapy or psychotherapy.

“This is not a therapy session,” Director of CAPS Curtis Hill said. “Students have a good experience with this if they treat it like a consultation where we can discuss one issue and they may be looking for either some ideas about coping with a tough situation, or looking for the next step in working through something.”

For more information on Let’s Talk, visit the CAPS website and click the Let’s Talk link under the Spring 2021 Services section.


Story by: Lainie Hallows
Photos courtesy of CAPS