CEO Elaine Hodgson Shares Business Journey at SUU

Elaine Hodgson shared her business journey to the Southern Utah University student body over Zoom on Feb. 2 for the Entrepreneurship Speaker Series.

Hodgson is the CEO of Incredible Technologies Inc., a video game and game design company that is best known for its Golden Tee franchise and work in the casino field.

“If you believe in what you have, go for it,” Hodgson said on first starting out a business.

There was a recurring theme during the event of always being flexible and never expecting things to work out exactly the way you intended them to.

“Not everything goes according to plan. I told my family I want that on my tombstone,” Hodgson said.

The messages Hodgson shared during this speech resonated with the SUU students in attendance.

Jamason Griffiths, a mechanical engineering major and the vice president of the Entrepreneurship Club, took away the human aspect from Hodgson’s speech.

“When you lead with humility the way she did, not only can your business be more successful than it was before, but you also have a team of people who know that you care about them,” Griffiths said.

Kaelei Corbridge, president of the Entrepreneurship Club and a hotel resort and hospitality management major, was amazed at Hodgson’s ability to break barriers by becoming a CEO in a male-dominated field.

“It’s breaking barriers in the world that she comes and she speaks to us, and she broke a barrier that I think a lot of us just assumed a female wouldn’t do, and here she is just blowing up the industry,” Corbridge said. 

The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is available to all SUU students interested in entrepreneurship and learning about what it means to start a business and keep it running. It features professionals with real-world experience. 

More information about future events can be found on the SUU Entrepreneurship homepage

The next speaker is scheduled for Feb. 9 at 11:30 a.m. at the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business building, room 126.


Story and Photo by: Skyler Jones