SUUSA Senate Meeting 1/26

The Southern Utah University Student Association discussed SUUSA’s social media accounts and the possibility of SUU student transportation on Tuesday at their first in-person meeting since November.

“I’m excited we can get back together on campus,” said Vice President of Academics Abbie Jacobsen.

The short meeting consisted of updates from several committees the senate created during the meeting on Jan.12.

Exploratory Studies Sen. Nelliya Romero led a committee to discuss ways to develop a greater and more interactive presence on SUUSA’s social media accounts.

Romero’s main idea is to begin a “senator takeover” on Instagram, with each senator running SUUSA’s account for a few days at a time to introduce themselves and talk about their positions.

The senate will create a sign-up sheet for the senators interested in taking over the SUUSA account.

The committee who is working to establish a university transportation system for students without cars is in the process of creating a student survey “to see if it’s something that would even be used,” according to Engineering and Computational Sciences Sen. Chris Cox.

Visual and Performing Arts Sen. Rio LaFevre and Business Sen. Matthew Matteson had created a committee to discuss an email list and virtual office hours for senators. 

Matheson said that instead of an email list, senators could create a newsletter to provide information for students.

LaFevre suggested using Instagram for virtual office hours, to “connect with students on a platform that they use more often.” The committee’s idea is for each member to have their own senator Instagram account, allowing for easier student contact.

Other members of the senate brought up concerns regarding that idea, such as filling up students’ Instagram feeds with too many school-related accounts and the challenge of getting permission from marketing.

“We can [do it],” said Matheson. “We just need to be committed.”

Jacobsen asked the senate whether they should occasionally use the scheduled senate meeting time to meet in committees instead. The senate agreed that it would be beneficial and would “give us time to make quality bills and develop quality ideas,” according to Matheson. 

Senate meetings are currently scheduled every Tuesday from 1-1:50 p.m. in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Living Room.


Story by: Tori Jensen
Photo courtesy of Tori Jensen