Letter to the Editor: University-Sponsored Activities that are COVID-Compliant are Lacking

Dear Editor,

I am aware that college life has changed significantly due to COVID-19, but I believe there are still ways that we can help to make college life on campus improve.

My main concern is that it has been difficult to get to know new people on campus this year. I know that COVID-19 and needing to wear face masks have been a major factor in that. However, I think that it is important for our school to make a social environment for the students while still following COVID guidelines.

This year there have been events planned for the students, but lately it doesn’t really seem like these events are meant to be a way for students to connect. Online activities, movie watching events, and activities where all you do is stop by the student center to pick things up do not really give students the ability to socialize much with people that they have not met before.

I think that if there were more activities on campus that encouraged and gave opportunities for people to talk to their peers that they have yet to meet, it would help the social aspects of campus during the pandemic. I think that SUU should bring back a few activities that previously were able to cultivate more social interaction between college students here at SUU while still enforcing masks and social distancing. Bringing back yoga would be a great start.

The SUU Programming Board planned a yoga event outdoors earlier this school year. Everyone was far enough apart, but no one was separated to the point of exclusion. This created a good social environment for all of the students. Yoga could even be done indoors. SUU also had a concert during Forever Red. I think that this would be a great thing for students to have the ability to go to. I have always found that concerts are pretty social events.

Thank you for hearing out my concerns, and I hope there can be a way to resolve them.

Submitted by: Kennedy Johnston
Photo courtesy of: Unsplash.com