SUUSA Senate Meeting 10/27

The Southern Utah University Student Association discussed the Nearpeer app and the possibility of providing more contraceptives on campus at their weekly meeting on Tuesday.

The Nearpeer app allows students to connect with others at SUU based on interests or classes.

Continuing from previous weeks, the senate discussed the app’s proposal from Science Senator Kamryn Burnside-Evans and Business Senator Matthew Matheson to open the app for everyone on campus.

“People are lacking friends and they want to feel involved and included,” Matheson said. 

Currently, 1,800 freshmen and sophomores at SUU have access to the Nearpeer app from orientation. Those who use the app make an average of 24.9 connections with other users.

“We plan to unite everyone as SUU and as T-birds,” said Burnside-Evans.

After giving ideas for how to promote the app, such as a video series and a feature on SUU News, the senate motioned to close the Nearpeer app debate which will be returned to after Burnside-Evans and Matheson officially propose a bill next week.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion Senator Cynthia Hawk began a discussion about offering students free Plan B One-Step in SUU’s Health & Wellness Center. 

Plan B One-Step is an emergency contraceptive to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse. One dose would normally cost $50.

While the Health & Wellness Center already provides pregnancy tests and condoms, Hawk would like to provide students with professional help in the process of taking Plan B One-Step “without the stigma and judgement.” 

“It’s a private matter between the Health & Wellness Center and the person seeking the service,” said Hawk. “They would be able to have safety, comfort and emotional support.”

The Plan B One-Step would be donated to the Health & Wellness Center by the Students United for Reproductive Freedom club at SUU.

Due to lack of time, the senate motioned to table the Plan B One-Step discussion for a later meeting.

To stay informed on SUUSA’s discussions and decisions, attend their weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 1-1:50 p.m. in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Living Room.


Story and Photos by: Tori Jensen