SUUSA Passes Bill to Establish Resources for Sexual Assault Survivors On Campus

The Southern Utah University Student Association held their weekly senate meeting on Tuesday, addressing previous discussions sent to committees as well as voting on a bill to provide sexual assault resources on campus.

Humanities and Social Sciences Senator Amanda Walton proposed a bill to the senate to incorporate sexual assault resources as part of SUU’s Health & Wellness Center. 

The bill includes making educational pamphlets to distribute within the Health & Wellness Center, which will be a resource for those unsure of how to receive help or are waiting to receive help.

The bill also proposes bringing an advocate from Canyon Creek Services into the Health & Wellness Center three time a week to help students with the legal processes of sexual assault.

A student peer ally from SUU’s Counseling and Psychological Services will also be trained to handle sexual assault. The ally will be trained through CAPS, making them a non-mandated reporter.

Non-mandated reporters are not legally required to report sexual assault cases to Title IX.

“Students can feel comfortable just going in and telling [the student peer ally] about the situation without worrying about it being reported,” said Walton. 

Members of the senate gave additional suggestions to consider, such as providing an online chat through the Health & Wellness Center for added anonymity or for students unable to come to campus.

The senate voted to pass the bill.

The meeting also consisted of updates from several committees that have been developing ideas from previous discussions.

Business Senator Matthew Matheson updated the senate on the Nearpeer app, which is an app for students to meet others through interests or to build social networks. The committee has met with SUU’s Nearpeer representative and hopes to have the app available to all students this November.

Cynthia Hawk, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion representative, said a committee is working on a survey for students to receive feedback about the possible establishment of a health clinic on campus.

University Housing representative Sergio Reyescordova updated the senate on the committee that is brainstorming ways to give students a better experience with Proctorio. A survey will be sent to professors to learn how Proctorio works in their classes, and the committee will begin making adjustments after receiving the professors’ feedback.

A committee discussing ways to inform students of faculty who are a part of the Care and Support Team program will be holding a meeting on Oct. 28, according to Senator of Education Madison Fristrup. 

An update from the Clubs and Organizations committee was given by Greek representative Allison Moore, who said they are in the process of creating a president’s training for Canvas to allow students to form a club anytime during the semester. Currently, club presidents can only attend a president’s training that happens once a semester.

Moore also said the committee is planning a club food drive to take place before Thanksgiving, where the winning clubs will receive money prizes.

The food drive is “a great opportunity to get some finances that they need,” according to Moore.

The clubs will be put into divisions based on size to create a fair competition.

Student Body President Nouman Kante reminded the senate to encourage students to keep their masks on as part of the Student Life Enhancement committee’s Mask Up campaign. The committee is seeing trouble with students not wearing masks in the library and after eating, according to Kante.

Kante also mentioned that he wishes for more people to participate in SUU’s Red Friday to promote school spirit.

“As a T-bird nation we come together on Fridays as a whole and we wear red,” Kante said.

Kante further updated the senate with plans for an event to teach students a variety of helpful study methods. The event is scheduled for Nov. 12 in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Living Room.

SUUSA discusses topics of student interest at their senate meetings every Tuesday from 1-1:50 p.m. in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Living Room.


Story by: Tori Jensen
Photos by: Tori Jensen