Meet SUU’s Executive Council

Southern Utah University’s Student Association Executive Council functions as part of the student government that serves the university. 

To be elected to the executive council, students run a campaign during the spring semester. After a general and primary election, students are chosen for the following academic school year by their student body. 

Student Body President: Nouman Kante

Kante is studying business management and philosophy. After serving in “several leadership positions” and being heavily involved across campus since his freshman year, according to, Kante wanted to run for student body president to “create a bigger impact.” Born in Keleya Mali, Africa, Kante came to the United States at age 14. Kante chose SUU because it “embraced and celebrated diversity among its students,” he told SUU News. 

Kante hopes to give students a voice at SUU and wishes to bring added support during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We want to know what struggles students face at SUU and how COVID has affected them,” Kante said. “This will allow me and my team to find ways to change those struggles into a positive experience. We want to encourage our students to come together and get connected on-campus. Everybody should have a friend at SUU.”

Vice President of Academics: Abbie Jacobson

Jacobsen is currently receiving her master in public administration and previously obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in political science from SUU. After working two years as an Assistant Coach for Excellence and Success, Jacobson felt it was “time for her to move on to something else.” Jacobson strongly believes in being intentionally inclusive and hopes to help all students feel “welcome, heard, and represented.”

“This means getting feedback and responses from every type of SUU student, not just your stereotypical definition of a student,” Jacobson said. “It means making sure that every type of student can see themselves represented at SUU.”

In the future, Jacobson hopes to work for or run a non-profit organization that helps women run for political office. 

Vice President of Clubs: Dakota Colby

Colby is a senior studying biology, chemistry, psychology and sustainability studies. After joining the marketing club, Colby says he fell in love with “clubs and what they could do for students” and decided to become a part of SUUSA by running for vice president of clubs. During the pandemic, Colby wants to make sure that clubs are able to function as normal.

“I want to make sure clubs are visible to students and able to get the funding and resources they need to be successful and make their time on campus an even better experience,” said Colby. 

Vice President of Finance: Alyssa Sutton

Sutton is studying accounting and finance. She previously served as a student programming board athletic event director and after serving abroad, Sutton wished to get involved again. Her choice to run for vice president of finance came from the idea to combine her wish to serve and also utilize her major. Sutton is working to improve how student funding requests are handled with Colby.

“I want to expand the finance position to include more collaboration with the financial wellness center,” Sutton said. “I just want to do what I can to help students get through what’s looking to be an insane year.”

Student Programming Board President: Megan Baker

Baker is majoring in communications and is a senior at SUU. After enjoying her time as the Student Programming Board director, Baker ran for SPB president. Baker says that she knows what it is like to “be the one kid sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else have fun” and wanted to show the student body that she cares. Baker hopes to help students find connections with each other in a safe environment. 

“I want the student body to understand we appreciate all of your love and support for our organization. It was built to serve you, so your feedback is critical in our success together,” said Baker. 

Baker hopes to show extra support for athletics when sporting events start up.

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Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong
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