COVID-19 Cases Begin to Rise with Over 1,000 Cases Reported in a Day

Utah has topped 1,000 new COVID-19 cases in one day, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Eight new cases have been confirmed in Iron County. 

With 1,144 new cases reported Wednesday in the state of Utah, the amount of confirmed cases have reached a new record. This has also brought the average number of cases per day up to 1,204, the highest it’s ever been in Utah.

Washington County has 21 new cases, bringing the county total up to 3,953. Iron County has a total of 845 cases while Kane County has a total of 90.

The color index has been switched out for a new “transmission index” based on county guidelines. Details for the index can be found on Utah’s coronavirus website.

Records because of the virus are continually being broken, with hospitalizations reaching a new high. 259 patients in the state of Utah are currently admitted due to coronavirus. 

According to the SLT, five fatalities have been reported since Tuesday. The fatalities include two Salt Lake County men, one Utah County man, one Cache County man and one Wasatch County woman. All were over the age of 45. 

Brigham Young University continues to report the most infection rates in any of Utah’s communities, says the SLT. The university reported 175 cases, down from it’s highest weekly total during Sept. 11-17 of 460 reported cases. 

In contrast to the previous report recorded on Sept. 1 of 25% of Utah residents living in the “red zone,” the percentage has moved up to a startling 96%. 

Southern Utah University reported 5 self-reported cases during the week of Oct. 1-7. Cases for the week of Oct. 8-14 will be available on SUU’s coronavirus website on Thursday. 


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong