SUU Choirs Mask Up to Sing About Hope and Change

The Southern Utah University choirs showcased their first concert of the semester on Friday in the Heritage Center Theater. Adjustments made to prevent the spread of COVID-19 created a unique experience for both performers and audience members.

The concert included SUU’s Opus, Luminosa and Concert Choir under the direction of Krystal McCoy. 

Both choir members and attendees were required to wear masks throughout the performance. The choirs also used the entire stage in order to stand six feet apart.

Choir members had to become comfortable singing in a mask with only 14 days to rehearse.

“Learning to sing in a mask has been interesting,” said sophomore Cobe Clark, who shared that his breath support has improved from rehearsing with a mask. “But I’m glad that we’re still able to put on this concert.”

Freshman concert attendee Elyse Meyers believed the masks did not hinder their performance. 

“The fact they were able to get so much power and hold notes for as long as they were when it’s harder to breathe is amazing,” said Meyers.

Meyers also felt the masks went well with the theme of the concert, “Transformations,” because it included songs from musicals about dealing with and overcoming hard situations.

Some numbers the choirs performed were, “Stay, I Pray You” from “Anastasia,” “Seasons of Love” from “Rent” and a medley of songs from the musical “Next to Normal.”

“[The masks] added a whole new level to a lot of the meanings of the songs,” said Meyers.

The concert’s theme was already decided in March, and had an even greater application now after many lives have changed because of  COVID-19.

“We all need that reminder in our life that there is a ray of hope no matter how dark things seem now,” said sophomore choir member Sara Larsen.

To stay up to date on future concerts and events, visit SUU’s College of Performing & Visual Arts’ website.


Story by: Tori Jensen

Photos By: Mitchell Quartz