Democrat Kael Weston Reaches Cedar City on his Tour of Utah Counties

On Sept. 30, Cedar City residents gathered together to listen to Kael Weston speak about his candidacy in Congress. 

Over the course of his candidacy, Weston has traveled 5,000 miles in his 2003 Toyota Tacoma to visit all Utah counties and express to them his message. He said, “I’m traveling because it’s beautiful, you learn what’s important, and to be where the people are.”

A native of Utah, Weston grew up in the northern region of the state and recalls playing in the Mineral Mountains as a child. Because his parents and grandfather are from Milford, Weston explains that the area of southern Utah is dear to his heart.

Weston has represented  himself in the U.S. State Department for over a decade, including seven years in the Middle East. He is also a published author who has written many books about his experiences while serving as a civilian in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of which, “The Mirror Test,” became a New York Times Editors’ Choice and Military Times’ Best Book of the Year. 

Weston has also earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Utah as well as a Master of Philosophy from Cambridge University. 

Throughout the meeting, the audience had the chance to express their opinions and thoughts about political issues brought up by Weston, making it an interactive experience. 

Resident of Cedar City and volunteer to the Weston campaign Mary Stults said, “He is very interested in getting along with all kinds of people. If he goes to Congress, he will be trying really hard to go across the aisle.”

Concluding the meeting, attendees had the opportunity to talk one on one with Weston and share their support for the candidate and his goals. Two of the key takeaways that Weston hoped the audience got from his speech was that he strives to “be a better neighbor and put the country over party.”

As the meeting concluded, Weston added, “I’m hopeful for the next generation. The generation of students are going to be a part of the future in a good way.”

As he continues his tour, Weston will be visiting Richfield on Sept. 30, Beaver on Oct. 1 and Kanab on Oct. 2. For more about Kael Weston and his campaign, visit


Story by: Lainie Hallows
Photos by: Mitchell Quartz