Dear Student Podcast

Amid a pandemic summer, it can be hard to know what the future of college holds. “Dear Student” is a new podcast designed to help enhance that future. 

Produced by SUU graduate students Brad Haralson and John Woolley, the purpose of the podcast is to “Help students create the college experience they’ve always dreamed of and provide tips & practices for success in school & life,” as stated in the Dear Student Instagram bio.

The podcast will cover everything from picking a school and a major, to successful post-graduation life and everything in between.

“This is essentially Adult 101 from people in the same age group that have already been there and done that,” said Haralson.IMG_20200709_185619_668

Since its release at the beginning of June, the podcast has used humor, personal stories and expert advice about topics including dealing with roommates, the value of internships, and mental wellness.

Haralson and Woolley share a passion for using communication to help people make the very best life and have extensive experience doing so. They’ve spent hours every week for four months working on Dear Student, along with junior graphic design major Gretel Beal who created the visuals.

The co-hosts have featured voices like Virtual school Assembly Founder Tyler Christensen and LinkedIn expert Austin Henline on the show to get the very best advice for their audience.

“We want to be able to talk to people who have created success for themselves, particularly in college,” Haralson said.

In a time when it can be easy to lose motivation because of the current world crisis, the message the podcast and it’s creators are spreading is how possible success is for anyone if effort is put in.

“Make intentional decisions; find something you want and go for it,” said Woolley. “But it’s important to move. If we’re not moving then we put ourselves in a state that makes it hard to do anything.”

They announced on an episode that they intend to broaden their reach to YouTube and Instagram TV, showing that they are working on movement in the podcast’s life as well.

Haralson and Woolley are constantly looking for ways to improve and help, so if you have any experiences or questions about college or want to know more, visit the Dear Student Instagram page.

“There’re a lot of cool things in life, but they don’t start pretty and end pretty,” Said Haralson. “There’s construction in between.” 

This podcast is here to help with that construction to build the dream experience.

For some midterm motivation, education crisis help, or even just for a good laugh look no further than “Dear Student.” Find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify.

Story by: Larissa Beatty
Images Courtesy of: Brad Haralson and John Woolley