Tutorials to Follow on YouTube: Staying Entertained

It’s true, with finals coming to a close this week, many of us are going to have a little bit of time to relax and do things we love. But with being quarantined for almost a month now, the list with ideas to stay entertained might be pretty small. 

Here are some YouTube videos and influencers that might keep you entertained for the time being. 

Cooking with Kristin Johns

Along with her having the cutest golden retrievers on the face of the planet, Kristin is one of the most upbeat, positive and creative YouTubers you’ll find. This video shows a little sneak peak of what both Kristin and her husband eat in a day, and it might inspire you to cook. Check out Kristin’s kitchen for yummy recipes to try yourself. She also has her own video of what’s getting her through quarantine. 

Makeup Techniques with Allana Davison 

Along with beauty routines, manicure step-by-steps, makeup suggestions and even her own cooking videos, Allana is humorous and the kind of YouTuber you can binge-watch without getting bored. Now’s the time to try those makeup looks you’ve been too nervous to wear out in public, and Allana’s channel is just the place to go to get you started. 

Painting with Marla Catherine

Marla is unabashedly herself, and her personality shines clear through her videos. Painting is one of the best ways to take your mind off of things during this time, but Marla took it to a whole other level. She was courageous enough to follow a Bob Ross tutorial and paint it on her bedroom wall. If you like this video, make sure to check out her bedroom makeover too. 

Organizing and Book Recommendations with The Anna Edit

From the United Kingdom, Anna is both put together and spunky. Her videos are well made and easy to watch for inspiration. She makes boring things like organizing your closet and reading fun, and it may even give you some motivation yourself. Anna also has a killer blog where she talks about everything from recipes to travel. 

Backyard Adventures with Accent Editor Liz Armstrong’s Cousins

Okay, this is too funny and cute not to include. These three young brothers took it upon themselves to share a special message about COVID-19. They bring you around as they jump on the trampoline, have nerf gun wars and make bike tracks. You know, little kid stuff. Everything’s an adventure with the Caster bros. These videos are sure to make you smile with their unfiltered conversations and brotherly bond.


Story by: Elizabeth Armstrong