Love at First Skype: Social Distancing Date Ideas

So you matched on Tinder and got a phone number. Congratulations! Now a date is on the horizon, but with social distancing how is this going to work? 

Luckily with modern video chat technology that every dating app is happy to promote, this virus gives no reason (or excuse) not to continue in romantic pursuit.  Here are some ideas and tips to create the perfect night and score another date.


Eating together is one of the best ways to get to know someone. Find common ingredients in your respective pantries, send each other a recipe and cook together. It’s risk-free because it’s impossible to scare them off with a less than delightful first attempt at pasta when you’re the only one eating it.

Netflix (or Disney+) and Chill

 Movie nights can definitely still be done from a distance. Chrome has extensions that allow you and friends, or “friends,” to watch movies together. You can explore each other’s tastes or binge-watch “Tiger King” without having to share the snacks. What could be better?

Paint Date

 Channel your inner Bob Ross or create your own craft competition with whatever supplies are lying around the apartment. That toilet paper your mom bought for the end of the world is viable to be a masterpiece. Plus, some art might look a lot better when viewed from a respective distance of six feet or from a camera, so this is a prime opportunity to show off some “talent.”

Game night

 It’s a perfect way to get to know each other and reveal a hidden competitive side. Mad libs, League of Legends, 20 Questions and Uno are all fun and video chat friendly options. (Just use the draw four cards wisely if it’s Uno; this is a date, not a war.) 

Get Outside

 If looking at the same four walls all day has lost its appeal and you want to actually spend time together, go on a walk or a hike. Just don’t hold hands. If you don’t have enough self-control to stay apart, bring a measuring tape.

Never been on a virtual date before? Here are some quick tips:

  1. Put on a nice shirt and clean up a little. No one said good (or any) pants are required, but look presentable from the bottom of the camera frame-up. This is a date, after all.
  2. Don’t forget about the background! Try to make the bed and tidy the place (unless going for the organized chaos look). To avoid looking orange, get some frontal lighting from an open window or lamp.
  3. Try to chat about something that isn’t COVID-19. It will probably come up, but discussing passions, pets and family traditions could be a welcome breath of virus-free air.

Those are just a couple of ideas to help the virtual sparks fly, but the options for creating the perfect night are endless! Now the phone call to ask him/her out, that’s all on you. May the odds be ever in your favor!


Story by: Larissa Beatty
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