Quarantine Card Games

Although the world is in commotion, most people are cooped up inside their homes scrolling through hours worth of memes only to see that 15 minutes has passed by. The days can seem long in quarantine or while social distancing, but there are a few card games out there that are guaranteed to keep the mind working even when you are out of school.

Phase 10 and Rummikub have been keeping my family busy for long hours and making the time fly by. Each of them is number and color based which are always a fun challenge for the brain.

Card games have been classics for years, but Phase 10 takes your mind on a wild ride. The best part of this game is that it can be played with as little as two players, but can be enjoyed by up to six players.

There are 10 phases which is how it earned the name. The goal of the game is to complete all 10 phases before anyone else. Each phase contains a different set of requirements that need to be completed.

The players must obtain sets of numbers either in chronological order or sets of one number that are different colors. In each round, a person is only allowed to pick up one card from the deck and then place one in the discard one pile.

Similar to Phase 10, Rummikub also requires brainpower and strategy to effectively play the game. Every player begins by taking 14 tiles and placing them on the table so none of their opponents are able to see.

In order to place a tile down on the table, a player cannot play until they have first started with tiles adding up to 30 points. From there, players are able to play any amount they want. The tiles have to be laid down in sets of three with the same number with different colors or sets of numbers chronologically, similar to Phase 10.

The competition can get pretty fierce when opponents are neck and neck. These games are sure to make this period of social distancing filled with competition and help your mind to continue working.


Story by: Lacy Truman
Photo courtesy of unsplash.com