Business Palooza

On Friday, March 6, the Business Palooza event took place in the Business Quad from 11 a.m.  to 1 p.m. At this event multiple SUU students and entrepreneurs showcased their businesses to fellow business majors as well as other interested T-Birds. 

This event is SUU’s second Business Palooza, the first taking place last fall semester.

“After the first business week… I saw how many students were there, and how many students liked it,” said Ashley Wardle, a senior accounting major and student business senator. “I got a lot of feedback from students, and all of them were [saying] ‘that was the best event, we loved going, it was just a fun time’ and so that was like ‘oh if the students like it then we should be doing it more’”. 

Students went from table to table to learn about different small businesses. The tables had displays and candy, and also provided attendees with information about each specific business. 

Layne Brockbank, a senior psychology major, shared her business “DreamersLife with Layne” at this event. 

“I came here last semester when we had this whole event and it’s just a really great opportunity for student entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses,” stated Layne. 

Layne’s business offers one-on-one coaching sessions for people who are feeling stuck or need guidance. Layne showcased her business at the event and also gave out small flyers that promoted her website, offering a free one-on-one session for first time customers. 

Layne offers her service in person for people living in Cedar City or online through a video chat program called Zoom. Layne wants people to schedule one-on-one sessions so she can help them find their passion or guide them to a better life path. 

Story by: Jonathan Valdez
Photos Courtesy of: Jonathan Valdez